Cannabis Potential: Penn State College Investigates

In June of this year, the Penn State College of Medicine announced that its clinical center will be collaborating on a research project with PA Options for Wellness. The team will be looking into medical marijuana and its potential to treat various health issues. Although several groups actively advocate for the use of cannabis as a form of treatment for specific health concerns, the team believes that it could offer to do more than what it has been known for.

The team has a 10-year agreement in place. And because the collaboration has been state-approved and registered, PA Options for Wellness has the license to grow, process, and dispense marijuana for research purposes and other forms of medical treatment. The studies will focus on clinical studies that will concentrate on the medical benefits of using cannabis. They will also consider how it is an effective treatment to various health conditions. In particular, the team aims how the intake of marijuana will impact anti-cancer and pain management activities.

Through this research project, physicians, as well as their patients, would be able to make clinical decisions with all the right information they need. Dr. Craig Hillemeier, CEO of the Penn State Health shared in a press release:

“There is an opportunity to understand medical marijuana better and its extraordinary potential to benefit humankind is waiting to unfold. It is only through thorough investigation that we will be able to determine possible effectiveness of the product to improve the overall health of patients and their families.”

During the announcement of the partnership, CEO of PA Options shared,

“PA Options for Wellness has been in search for better options since its foundation in 2014. It has continuously worked about the research and education to become the leader in the emerging industry of medical cannabis,” he continued. “The shared focus is highlighting patient, research outcomes, medical compliance, and an improved quality of life.”

Indeed, there is nothing more exciting than promising research about medical marijuana and all its benefits to patients. The mere fact that it could be able to provide them a life with all their medical concerns and pain alleviated is more than enough. This continued desire to uncover the benefits of cannabis in the lives of many only proves to be how promising marijuana can be.