Soon after their first product trial, our patients come to trust what we have to offer. They appreciate that Vytal cannabis was created for patients, by patients and that the variations are based on real-person preferences.

Each product line: Vytal Mood, Vytal Rx, and Vytal Solventless, offers an array of medicine that can provide symptom relief for all qualifying conditions. Utilizing our Medical Model, all Vytal products are pharmaceutically formulated to ensure the utmost product safety and quality.

We have hundreds of strains available, including our own line of proprietary genetics. Each has its own distinctive terpene profile, so you will be sure to find a Vytal product that works for you.

Mood brand products.


Each strain cultivated at our state-of-the-art facility is lab-tested and examined for product suitability.

Using this information, our team of professionals assigns an applicable category for helping patients find relief for a range of qualifying conditions.


A term that categorizes cannabis concentrates produced without the use of a solvent, sometimes referred to as mechanically separated extraction such as ice water hash, rosin, and dry sift. Yes, water is technically a solvent, but when in reference to cannabis concentrates, more specially in water hash, it is used as a carrier in a mechanical separation process.

Many medical patients prefer to consume solventless extracts for health reasons, as opposed to solvent-based extracts.

Solventless brand products

Our Strains

Each of our premium-grade medical cannabis is cultivated by experts in environmentally controlled rooms to ensure optimal plant transpiration, health and quality.

Close-up of marijuana strains.

Various forms of medical marijuana are then manufactured in our pharmaceutical-grade laboratory by our team of highly skilled professionals.

PA Options for Wellness was founded with a research and education-centered goal of becoming the leader in Pennsylvania’s emerging cannabis industry.