Chris Hinnershitz serves as Chief Security and Compliance Officer/Vice President, Operations for PA Options for Wellness. In this role, Chris is responsible for multiple areas within the organization, ensuring strict compliance with the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act. 

Chris leads a team of Compliance professionals who work diligently to place PA Options for Wellness as an industry role model.

Focusing on grow/process operations and dispensary operations, his team drives us to operate in a compliant, ethical manner in all we do. Chris also oversees the safety and security function of PA Options for Wellness. This includes both physical and cyber security, as well as the safety and well-being of all team members. Finally, Chris leads and drives the company’s operations through oversight of the grow/process facility from seed to distribution of product

Prior to joining PA Options for Wellness, Chris was the Director of Professional Services and Operations Manager of a cannabis specific security integrator. He was responsible for business development, conducting security vulnerability assessments, emergency operation planning, training and training development, managing projects and field employees, developing and designing security plans, policy/procedure and systems layouts for clients. Chris had a 20-year career as a police officer in the suburbs of Philadelphia, most of which was spent as a patrol sergeant and team leader of a multi-jurisdictional SWAT team; and received multiple commendations for exceptional service. Chris also spent 4 years in the private sector security industry.

Chris has been involved in his community by serving at his church on the security team, and was responsible for assisting in the development and maintenance of his church’s Emergency Operations Plan. Chris routinely volunteers in community programs that focus on helping the homeless, single mothers, and those with special needs.

He has consulted, developed and provided training and protocol on School Violence, ALICE active shooter response, Crisis Response, Bicycle Safety for School Children, Response to the Active Shooter, Policy and Procedure Development and Training, Use of Force, Tactical Decision Making, Safety Priorities (Priorities of Life), Firearms Safety and Handling, The OODA Loop, and other various security related topics. All of this Chris has done as a volunteer and service to the community to better enhance the security programs for non-profit organizations.