Matt Pulcini is the Director of Dispensaries for PA Options for Wellness. In this role, Matt will oversee day-to-day operations on the dispensary floors, including product management, services provided to patients, and the  delegation of tasks to our Wellness Associates in the dispensaries while simultaneously ensuring the highest quality of customer service to our patients to improve their quality of life and their outcomes.   

Matt will also work in conjunction with the Chief Security Officer to ensure compliance with the PA Department of Health in maintaining a safe environment for staff and patient.  

Matt is very patient-focused and will bring his community pharmacy and cannabis industry experience to PA Options for Wellness to enhance patient care. 

Matt graduated from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy in 2012 with a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD). Upon graduation, Matt stayed in the greater Philadelphia area and worked in community pharmacy. Working for and managing multiple pharmacies for CVS and then ACME (Albertson’s). In 2018, Matt began his cannabis career by opening Mission dispensary in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Since then, Matt has grown professionally and clinically through a constant desire to learn more about cannabis while working through the ranks of dispensary operations. 

Most recently Matt worked as VP of Pennsylvania Operations at Mission dispensaries and then transitioned to Clinical Director of Ethos Maryland dispensaries once Mission was acquired by Ethos.