Robert Ribic is the Director of Government Affairs for PA Options for Wellness. In this role, Robert reports to the President and Chief Strategy Officer, and is responsible for directing the policies and objectives of PA Options for Wellness involving local, state, and federal government affairs; and coordinating legislative efforts by working with state, local, and federal governments, as well as the media.

Robert has an extensive background in government affairs at both state and local levels. During his college years, Robert was actively involved, and held leadership roles in the Student Government Association. After college, Robert was employed by the Pennsylvania Senate Republican Campaign Committee (SRCC) and assisted with Senate campaigns across the Commonwealth. He then became the Executive Director of the Dauphin County Republican Committee (DCRC) where he ran all political activities within the county. In 2013, he was hired by Senator Mike Folmer as his Legislative Assistant. In that role, Robert’s main focus was legalizing medical cannabis. This involved conducting all of the legislative research, developing the policy points, drafting the legislation, and successfully navigating it through the legislative process until it became known as Act No. 16 of 2016 the “Medical Marijuana Act”. Robert’s influence on this legislation was so great that he was invited by Governor Tom Wolf to attend the signing of the legislation – an honor that is normally reserved for elected officials.

Robert earned his Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy from Pennsylvania State University.